Germans supported the coming-out of a former military man from Kazakhstan

A video of Isatay Alibayev, a former serviceman of the Kazakh army, has been circulated on the Web. In the frames of the video, he tells his story – how he faced misunderstanding in his country and began a new life in Europe. Judging by the frames of the video, he was not accepted into the army because of his sexual orientation.

Users from Germany expressed support for Alibayev and noted that in their country every resident has the right to openly express their gender and sexual identity.

As you know, Kazakhstani society shows intolerance and aggression towards representatives of the LGBT community. Activists are being attacked, they are being persecuted online.

Moreover, gays are not accepted into the army – for example, the former Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan, Adilbek Dzhaksybekov, said that the belonging of conscripts to gays is a “disorder of sexual desire.”

“The disorder of sexual desire in accordance with the Requirements for the compliance of the state of health of persons for service in the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 28, 2009 No. 498, prevents military service in the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic Kazakhstan”, – this is how the ex-minister answered the question about conscription of gays for military service.

In Kazakhstan, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face violence and discrimination, LGBT researcher Human Rights Watch said in a speech in Berlin. Representatives of LGBT people in Kazakhstan face hostility and arbitrariness, as well as a lack of proper response and support mechanisms, and live in an atmosphere of fear.

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